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Adams A A(434-325-2174)
Comer James D(434-585-2691)
Comer's Roofing(434-585-2691)
Cook Glen S(276-597-8526)
Cox Jimmy(276-597-2738)
Deel Mildred E(276-597-7592)
Elswick Timothy(276-597-7505)
Estep L(276-597-8487)
Gilligan Ryan(276-597-8101)
Gravitt M H(434-585-2849)
Grenier Gary(276-597-8886)
Hogan Irene(434-572-9218)
Honeycutt Kelly(434-585-3347)
Kendrick Eric(276-597-8168)
Kendrick Kathy(276-597-8168)
Lockhart Jennifer(276-597-8353)
Nunn Lawrence(434-572-6713)
Phillips Michael(276-597-8001)
Ratliff Everett(276-597-8559)
Rice Allen(276-597-8511)
Rice Candace(276-597-8511)
Rife Kristy(276-597-7799)
Riggin M H(757-442-2179)
St David(434-374-3677)
St Laurent David(434-374-3677)
Stiltner Johnny J(276-597-2103)
Vanover Myrtleen(276-597-7068)
Virgilina Elementary School(434-585-8000)
Virgilina Post Office(434-585-2540)
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