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District 19 Community Services Board(804-834-2205)
Macklin Frances(757-294-0744)
Parker Dorothy(757-294-0655)
Blizzard Bossie(757-294-0001)
Clayton Ruth N(757-294-5107)
Hardy Uteria(757-294-3751)
Moore Ralph(757-294-9096)
Thompson Joann(757-294-0776)
Chitty Ronald D(804-834-3305)
Ellis Alma(804-834-8943)
Jones Deborah A(804-834-8663)
Savadge J H(804-834-3649)
Shaw V(804-834-2077)
Holmes Lucille(804-834-9825)
Ruth Shaw(804-834-8540)
Jones B L(804-834-2886)
Adams Dorothy(804-834-2981)
Church of All Nations Apostolic(804-834-3493)
Coppler Chris(757-866-0458)
Hammel Bryan(757-866-0309)
Faison Brenda(757-294-3942)
Faison C B(757-294-3942)
Irvin Gary R(757-294-3603)
Claremont Volunteer Fire(757-866-0097)
Hayes Fletcher P(757-866-0040)
Wooden Edward(757-866-8869)
Huber Thomas O(757-866-8352)
Luster Eugene B(757-866-8882)
Jones W H(757-866-8744)
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