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Adkins Safford E(540-639-0169)
Cox Myra(540-789-7958)
Cox Phillip(540-789-7958)
Indian Valley Church of God(540-789-4249)
Poston Kenneth(540-789-4397)
Phillips Ronald D(540-789-4343)
Montgomery D E(540-789-4702)
Phillips Ivan T(540-789-4482)
Phillips Sandra(540-789-4482)
Phillips Timmy(540-789-4482)
Huff Alison(540-789-8380)
Huff Steve(540-789-8380)
Quesenberry Reidell(540-789-4449)
Alley Rocky(540-789-8246)
Alley Wanda(540-789-8246)
Underwood Jason(540-789-4084)
Underwood Tara(540-789-4084)
Marshall Barbara J(540-789-4052)
Cox Teddy(540-789-8326)
Ogburn James W Jr(540-789-4727)
Quesenberry Foster(540-789-4456)
Searcy Squire L(540-789-4736)
Wood A J(540-789-4738)
Stansfield Dave(540-789-4340)
Minnick Helen(540-789-7274)
Minnick Tony(540-789-7274)
Phillips Delwood(540-789-8421)
Huff Bradley C(540-789-2010)
Phillips Daniel(540-789-8222)
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