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Mack Gege(540-862-3204)
Heighter Raymond A(540-862-5186)
Key William(540-863-9876)
Miller Dorethea(540-863-9068)
Lewis Elmira(540-862-4331)
Coles Rosalind(540-863-9207)
Burks Shirley T(540-862-4361)
McNeil Ned(540-862-3348)
Woodard Dreama(540-863-8460)
Barnette M T(540-863-5121)
Barnette Brandy C(540-863-8317)
Broady Evelyn T(540-862-7414)
Adams Clifford(540-862-5376)
Peters McKinley(540-862-1065)
Thompson Isaac H(540-862-4368)
First Church of God(540-862-0787)
Halsey David W(540-862-2481)
Leisure D L(540-863-3036)
Williams La(540-862-4309)
Showalter Guy E(540-862-1656)
Whalen Joseph Jr(540-862-3601)
Lanehart Bill H(540-863-8590)
Thomas Roslyn(540-863-5056)
Thomas William(540-863-5056)
Tucker Tommy C(540-862-5301)
Wenck Calvin D(540-862-1433)
Constable Fredrick W(540-862-1537)
Constable Norma A(540-862-1537)
Garwood F S(540-863-8666)
Crissman Clyde M(540-862-4726)
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