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Althoff Daniel(276-865-4840)
Williams J D Jr(276-523-0285)
Keuling-Stout Frances(276-523-0909)
Keuling-Stout Henry(276-523-0909)
Chadwell Allen(276-523-5802)
Wilson James(276-523-7229)
Wilson Margaret(276-523-7229)
Jessee Joyce W(276-523-2878)
Grubb B A(276-523-3738)
Legg Donna(276-523-6721)
Legg Shane(276-523-6721)
Burgin Ramond(276-523-1826)
Burgin Susan(276-523-1826)
Gilfoil A W(276-523-1035)
Hughes P B(276-523-5858)
Bean P(276-523-0395)
Horton J P(276-523-1599)
Collier Debbie(276-523-3509)
Collier Jim(276-523-3509)
Roberts Eric(276-523-3873)
Roberts Marsha(276-523-3873)
First Baptist Church(276-523-3605)
Anderson Ann(276-865-0505)
Anderson Annetta(276-865-5554)
Anderson Anthony(276-865-5554)
Anderson Bill V(276-865-5370)
Anderson Delphia(276-865-4455)
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