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Anderson Construction Co & Son(434-263-4311)
Clayborne Oscar E(434-361-9055)
Harris Catherine(434-361-9048)
Spears Dorothy(434-361-0124)
McClain A C Jr(434-361-2288)
Ashley Thomas E(434-361-1529)
Strickler Wanda(434-361-1485)
Monroe L A(540-456-7327)
Fisher Gayle(540-456-6987)
Fisher Russell(540-456-6987)
Bailey Don H(540-456-8215)
Bailey Bernard H(540-456-6657)
Donnelly David R(540-456-6321)
Wyant Dalmas H(540-456-8646)
Anderson E D(434-263-4041)
Anderson Leola G(434-263-5745)
Anderson Ronald E(434-263-4311)
Arrington Mini Mart(434-263-5614)
Baker Andrew L(434-277-8152)
Ballowe Clint(434-277-9343)
Bethea Larry(434-277-5103)
Bethea Suzanne(434-277-5103)
Blair Daisy A(434-263-4626)
Bond Emile M(434-263-4676)
Bond Gracie M(434-263-4676)
Bowling William A(434-277-8492)
Brent Otis(434-263-4395)
Briggs Larry(434-263-4644)
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