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A Moveable Feast(434-822-3103)
Altavista Chamber of Commerce(434-369-6665)
Lane Minnie & Bernard Foundation(434-369-6663)
Sheltered Workshop of Altavista(434-369-6920)
Staunton River Memorial Library(434-369-5140)
Wilson Jamie S(434-369-4166)
Chivers Candy(434-369-5096)
Shirlen Roy L(434-369-5120)
Webber Janice(434-369-9525)
Webber Kenneth(434-369-9525)
Altavsita Electric(434-369-1972)
Haskins Bryant(434-309-7217)
English W C(434-369-5336)
Nichols Shirley(434-309-1133)
Barrett I L(434-369-5736)
Marr M(434-309-7230)
Fore J C(434-369-6334)
Gay R G Jr(434-369-4491)
Schubert Fred(434-309-1055)
Schubert Jama(434-309-1055)
Meadows Charlotte(434-369-6482)
Meadows John(434-369-6482)
Shortt Aaron T(434-369-6060)
Farmer Luther S(434-369-4413)
Farmer Samantha(434-369-4413)
Stump K L(434-369-7887)
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